Heal, From Your Past.

Acknowledge & Accept The Past, Don’t Stay There. To pursue a future of promise and purpose, one must understand and accept where they are from. To accept, does not mean one is carrying the past with them, but rather a reckoning of where they’ve been and what they’ve experienced. For as beings, we are an accumulation of our physical and emotional experiences. To understand where … Continue reading Heal, From Your Past.

The Acceptance Of Self.

Acceptance. The acceptance of who you are, where your from, & where you are currently in your life. The acceptance of your ruff starts, mistakes, wins, family drama, scars, accomplishments and failures. We must accept the good and the bad. They are not sold separately. There is freedom in accepting who you are. Loving and embracing the elements that have molded you into who you … Continue reading The Acceptance Of Self.

Feeling Uneasy During Quarantine?

Feeling a little uneasy.. a little anxious during this time in Quarantine? I got You! Lets declutter our space! Technically its spring and I know with all thats been going on its so easy for us to forget! So lets do a little Spring Cleaning! Organizing the space around us organizes the mind. Allowing our thoughts to breathe and flow. 4 tips to get you … Continue reading Feeling Uneasy During Quarantine?

Standard Principles To Live By Pt. 4

Make The Best Out of Each Circumstance & Situation. Welcome Back! I Hope my Principles have been of some use to you guys! Lets get into Principle 4! Making the best out of each circumstance reflects the gradtutde in your heart. This reflects ones contentness and acceptance of the present. The acceptance of where one is in their life. And the acceptance gods plan for … Continue reading Standard Principles To Live By Pt. 4