Passages To “A Better YOU”

The Passages I’ve created have been specifically designed to challenge the way you think and encourage you. Designed to bring your mind to a different way of thinking. I would like to say, bringing it to a positive one! Our Perspective of Life is either the best way to our success or failure. It all depends on how you perceive each encounter in your life. If you make a mistake, are you going to beat yourself up for it or take a beat. We are to recognize and learn from the mistakes we make and encourage ourselves to do better the next time. The weight we put on a mistake can be unbearable.. for most it feels like the end of the world! lol. and I’ve been there. It took me time to fully understand what a mistake is and how that the worse I feel about the mistake Ive made, is because I am causing myself to feel worse. Granted, the initial reaction to a mistake can be frustrating, but the amount of time we spend on thinking about a mistake, should be limited. This is just one way to explain how powerful our perceptions are. The passages below range from topics. You can expect a new topic each week if not more. Stay Tuned. Feel Free To Like, Comment and ask questions below.

Today I’d like to introduce you guys to: 

“Standard Principles,

To Live By

My overall intent of life is for it to be a joyful and prosperous one. But if I know better than anyone.. it takes time to get there. There are so many mountains, valleys, and choices we have to make to obtain greatness. As overwhelming and unexpected life can be and once was for me, I developed a set of principles to keep me level headed, joyful, and productive. Not everyday is going to be easy. So what do you do on the tough days? On the days where your mind is distracted by disappointment or frustration? The days when your low in spirit and energy..

As they say, those are the days that matter the most. So, what are you going to do to snap yourself out of a negative state?If you don’t have any techniques!? I got you!

1.Burning Confidence, Your Life Has Purpose
2.Do The Best You Can w/ What You Have
3.Seize Each Opportunity
4.Learn From Your Mistakes
5.Maintain Momentum
6.Make The Best Out of Each Circumstance & Situation
7.Seek Understanding

I created 7 Principles to live by, daily. No matter whats on your plate, you will be able to turn to one of the seven, to redirect your brain from a negative one to a positive. To bring it back to being productive and creative. Not sure if you guys have tried it, but ever sat down to do some work with a mind full of thoughts and emotions.. Cant focus right? Well, neither can I. I’m the same!I’ve been there and I’m no good. lol I personally, have to make sure my mind is organized and focused. So lets get started! Each week, you can expect to see a new principle!

Pt 1. Burning Confidence Your Life Has Purpose: 

You, Yourself, and Your life. Has purpose. No matter what the world is showing you on the outside. You must always know you are destined for something great. There must be No doubt and have the utmost of certainty. This is an Unchangeable Fact. Everything we think see and know to be true can’t be changed unless we choose to no longer believe. Thats how much Power we have.

If 2- 7 fail. You will always have one. This is your bottom line, your safe space. No matter how f’ked up your day was. Run to your place of comfort and absorb the greatness that lies within you. Returning to this very principle soothes your uneasiness.

It reminds you of what your doing and why. It reminds you that all things are temporary and No matter the uncertainty of what your environment reflects/ shows, it is not apart of you. There must be an undying confidence in knowing your life has purpose and you are determined to achieve that. This, Trumps ALL.


Pt. 2 Do The Best You Can w/ What You Have.

By doing the best you can, with the resources you have. You eliminate the pressure of needing more until it’s time to receive it. It’s very easy to lose momentum when one is focused on what they are lacking. Directing your energy and attention on what you don’t have will destroy your spirit, productivity, and creativity. Consider yourself blocked.

I began writing my book without a computer. Yes! In the twentieth century, I was without a computer. In fact, it was the fartherst thing from me.Yet a decision I had to make. Knowing it was necessary to start and to not allow the lack of one resource to keep me from producing.

10/10, its about how bad you want it. What you are willing to do, accept, or give- up. Of coarse, along the lines of your conscious.

See You All Next Wk For Pt 3.


Pt 3. Seize Each Opportunity.

By seizing each opportunity, you eliminate the pressures of the unknown. Eliminate the future “What if’s” that come when you choose to not persue. Eliminate the possibility of regret. The choice to not persue,  is hindered by fear. The natural fear of doing something for the first time. The natural fear of stepping out of your comfort zone. The natural fear that something bad is going to happen. Although this may be so, it is a representation of a lack of trust in god. Nothing should prevent us from taking action. 

Being fearful while taking action, is called Boldness!

Dare to be Bold in the persuite of life. Dare to be bold in the ways you are weak, for you will be stronger.Do not limit the experiences of life due to not knowing what’s behind each door.

For some, boldness comes second nature.A natural confidence in self. Certainty within self. Then there are Some that have to work on it, making a concuios effort to obtain it.

Note: You can be confident and insecure. Why? because none of us are entirely complete.. none of us are perfect. One can be completely secure in their outter appearance but when it comes to numbers, their insecurity shines bright. Furthermore, revealing we are human.

Gods intended for us to be incomplete.. why? Because he is the one to make us whole. He is our filler. Each void, is to be filed and replaced with him.With prayer.. a concisist dependency upon him.. a consistent need and yearning for him to be in our lives.

Despite our short comings, We are to knock on each door of opportunity with confidence.To not be meek or mild.Yet strong, humble, and assertive.

Being each door we knock on, is done so with him by our side.


Principle 4. Make The Best Out of Each Circumstance & Situation.

Making the best out of each circumstance reflects the gradtutde in your heart. This reflects ones contentness and acceptance of the present. The acceptance of where one is in their life. And the acceptance gods plan for it. Having this mindset gives you an abundance of joy and graditude. Your days are much lighter and the persuit of life becomes a joyful one. 

Amongst the joy you feel within, this opens the door for you to receive more. Any additional pieces of equipment you needed to make an instrumemt whole.. is now on sale for %50 off. A Software Program to enhance a skill .. turns out next door neighbor has an extra one. God will show you his face the moment we are genuinely trusting & accepting of his will for our lives. Please don’t thinkfor a moment he couldn’t tell the difference.



“You Are Exactly, Where You Need To BE.”

Too often we second guess our position in life and the stage of life we are in. Worrying if we are in the right place. Wondering if a mistake you’ve made along the way threw you off coarse.Today I want you to know, that God has you exactly where you need to be. Throughout any mistake you have made, he knew you would make it. This does not take away from his plans for your life. During our times of uncertainty and trying to discover who we are, everything you need is right there. any resources you’ve asked for to take a craft to the next level.. is right there.

The issue is that Often times, we’ve asked god for things that we “think” we haven’t received yet. But what if you have? more often than not, god answers our prayers, its just that the answer may not come in the form we expect it t be.

We have to learn to slow down,  see which resources and people god has placed around you. If you need a program for your computer, you mad not have the money for it, but maybe your next door neighbor has an extra copy..

If there is a will within us, there is always a way! Personally, I have had the desire to write a book.This desire began developing roughly 7 years ago. @ the time, I didn’t have a computer and it was yet, the farthest thing from me. Does this mean I couldn’t start my book? No. But it called for me to dig a little deep. Get a little creative. Better yet, take it old  school.

I went to staples and purchased 4 Notebooks, roughly 1.99 lol. I had a backpack, a notebook, and an iPhone. From that pt forward, I never looked back. I began writing everything down between my notebooks and the notes section in my iPhone. In the end, its all about how bad you want it. I had to swallow my pride and accept that this is just where I’m at. Fortunately enough, I actually enjoy hand writing and I still enjoy reading paper back books vs the e- book. I’m still a little old school at heart but most importantly, I didn’t care about what anyone thought. There have been several times I was in a coffee shop where all is see are MAC computers and Im sitting there with a stack of notebooks. I felt confident with my notbeooks and I knew that I would get my computer some day! And it just so happens I’m typing to you all on my 1st purchased computer. (Takes Bow) LOL. It took me a while to get he. She’s not fancy, but she is getting everything done that I need her too!

Thank you all for stopping by! and remember, theres always a way, if there is a will instilled within you! get creative and make it happen!



“Help Yourself First, So You Can Help Others”

There comes a time in each of our lives where we have to begin limiting the responsibilities we take on of other people. This passage is especially for those who carry large loads of responsibility w/ family and friends.

If you haven’t noticed by now, you don’t have anytime for yourself. The things your passionate about, you don’t have the time to zone in and stimulate them. In order for us to continue to grow and develop individually, we have to develop a balance. A balance with the  load of others you are able to carry and yours. 1st, you should be able to handle all of your responsibilities. THEN 2nd, after you have taken care of yourself, see what time you have left to devote to help out or hangout.You will come across some weeks where you are able to give and some weeks where you are not able to. Thats okay.

In order for anyone to give with a genuine heart, one can’t feel weighed or bogged down. We have to make sure we have enough time stored in our schedule to make ensure, we are at our best. Then when it comes to giving, it can be a joyous act.

When making the decision to adjust your schedule to better suite you, there may be some backlash. The people you once had time for may be little upset. Don’t let this get in your way. Depending on the situation and the person at hand, there could be a mountain of reasons as to why they are not understanding of you needing time for yourself. Quite frankly, no one needs a reason to spend time with themselves, but this is the way our world is. Stand your ground in each aspect of you.

Today, id like to leave you by saying, We have to help ourselves, so we can help others. Give to ourselves first so we can pour into others. Stop pouring from an empty cup and work towards building a cup that can overflow, without draining you.


Pain Hurts, but don’t allow it to keep you from living. Pain is our teacher. The trials of life hold no bias. We are to consider pain as a yield sign to happiness. Recognize. Readjust. & Keep Going.


4 Things We Have Control OF:

  • The Management of Our Thoughts
  • The Management of Our Actions
  • The Way we Manage our Time
  • Who we Spend our time with

What’s in our control, is our responsibility. Any negative or I’ll  thought. It’s your duty to burry it. In any way you’ve been cruel or in the middle of an act of being cruel. Reject it. If th way you spend your time is not intentional or productive, change it.If the people you surround yourself around are not supportive, honest, or like minded.. it’s time re- access. Be in control of what you have control of. Self!


Self- Care is the action behind self- love. To have love for something, one must handle it with care. As we should do with ourselves.