If there is anything you want to achieve in this lifetime. You must first, believe that you are valuable and capable enough to obtain it. – Millie

About Me

My 20’s were a Whirl Wind! Throughout all of what I’ve learned and survived. I wanted to create a space for women to feel Empowered & Valued!  I truly believe that each of us have powers that haven’t been taped into yet. Primarily because of a lack of self worth and motivation from within. I Aim to give you all that push!This is a Push I needed  when I was discovering  who I am and desire to be ( still discovering) .. but never received. I had to dig deep within to push myself.

Within the hard work I put in, i’m hoping to make your process much smoother. Through reassurance, truth, and sincerity. This is a Safe Space. Wanting everyone to feel comfortable with asking asking questions and interacting w/ me. Feel free to reach out. Contact info below.


As a writer, I believe it is my responsibility to communicate with women on the value of self, growth, and acceptance. Ultimately, I aim to direct women on how to take ownership over theirs lives and how to rise above each way they are oppressed. To help them to recognize that their true value lies deep within.

As a women, I believe my responsibility is to unify women. Helping us to see that our differences are designed to make us stronger and to begin the process of embracing one another.

Now Available for Download:

A Dose’ of Self- Care

A Dose’ of Self- Care is an e- booklet I created to shine light on the importance of self. My hope is that through this dose, you will begin to see the value over your life and how important it is to take care of it.