To Lead A Life W/ No Regrets. Thats The Goal, Right?

By seizing each opportunity, you eliminate the pressures of the unknown. Eliminate the future “What if’s” that come when you choose to not persue & the possibility of regret.

The choice to not persue, is hindered by fear.

The natural fear of doing something for the first time. The natural fear of stepping out of your comfort zone. The natural fear that something bad is going to happen.

Although this may be so, it is a representation of a lack of trust in god. Nothing should prevent us from taking action.

Being fearful while taking action, is called Boldness!

Dare to be Bold in the persuite of life. Dare to be bold in the ways you are weak, for you will be stronger.Do not limit the experiences of life due to not knowing what’s behind each door.

For some, boldness comes second nature. A natural confidence in self. Certainty within self. Then there are Some that have to work on it, making a concuios effort to obtain it.

Note: You can be confident and insecure. Why? because none of us are entirely complete.. none of us are perfect. One can be completely secure in their outter appearance but when it comes to numbers, their insecurity shines bright. Furthermore, revealing we are human.

Gods intended for us to be incomplete.. why? Because he is the one to make us whole. He is our filler. Each void, is to be filed and replaced with him.With prayer.. a concisist dependency upon him.. a consistent need and yearning for him to be in our lives.

Despite our short comings, We are to knock on each door of opportunity with confidence.To not be meek or mild.Yet strong, humble, and assertive.

Being each door we knock on, is done so with him by our side.


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