Heal, From Your Past.

Acknowledge & Accept The Past, Don’t Stay There.

To pursue a future of promise and purpose, one must understand and accept where they are from. To accept, does not mean one is carrying the past with them, but rather a reckoning of where they’ve been and what they’ve experienced.

For as beings, we are an accumulation of our physical and emotional experiences.

To understand where one is going, one must understand where one has been. One must be able to recognize the downfalls of self and the mistakes of those who came before them. Furthermore, fight to be the difference. If we can all recall the term ” generation.” Everything gets passed down. All that your oppressed against, its been experienced within your family.

Can you be the one to create change or would you rather put the responsibility onto the next generation? Allowing them to have to fight and struggle in a similar fashion, if not worse. I believe, if we don’t fix a problem, it can only get worse.

Subconsciously, many of us have said ” Fuck it.” Not recognizing the choice that has just been made. While we are here, id like to mention how most of the decisions we make, are automatic. We don’t notice how quickly we deny ourselves from certain things. Ill go further into this on another post. But be mindful of your decision making AND the results of your decisions, before you actually make them.

Too often, we are concerned with the immediate result, but what about the long term? Are we investing, learning, and experiencing life with the intent to prepare for the future? Instead of the every weekend turn up, how about we live to celebrate our accomplishments? Do something thats worth partying for?

Acknowledge and Accept your Past, so you can have a prosperous future. For yourself and your family to come.


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